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Nexthink - End-user experience management

Nexthink provides you with a more complete view and actionable intelligence to improve end-user experience and business productivity – with real-time analytics from your endpoints.

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Get actionable feedback from end users

Nexthink helps IT departments discover complex patterns in high volumes of “noisy” IT system availability and performance data. The goal is to discover and make IT aware of things that matter most – things that affect the end-user and end-user services – so IT can be preemptive, proactive, and improve IT security and end-user service levels.

Nexthink maps all the IT services, how they are being consumed and how the IT infrastructure is operating from the end-user perspective. What makes Nexthink unique is the continuous real-time analysis of all endpoint activity and network connectivity presented in real-time visualizations that provide new visibility and insight into what end-users are experiencing.


Analyze all web applications activity (HTTP, HTTPS, internal, and cloud) from browsers and all non-browser based web applications, including application web service activity.


Nexthink analyzes every application / binary execution and associated network connections from the endpoints to help IT departments detect non-compliant usage and un¬usual activity.


Continuous VDI-centric analysis of your client computing infrastructure helps you select, plan, deploy, and optimize over time to provide your end-users the best quality of service and support.


Leverage end-user analytics across all IT departments using APIs, turnkey integrations, and sample integrations with leading industry tools.

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