4me is built around a SIAM first approach, making tracking internal and external service providers easy

4me believes that when two or more organizations want to work together it should be easy and quick to do so. That is why 4me enables the setup of a ‘Trust Relation’, with no integration required. It takes minutes to activate, and enables immediate setup of SLAs between organizations. Both customer and provider have access to real-time SLA reporting, so they can both track the quality of service provided.

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Internal and external customers, partners and suppliers – all collaborating for a better service experience with 4me

The modern service customer has evolved. IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management are not enough to solve the complex service provision issues typically faced by the digitized organization. That is why 4me has developed a totally new approach to ITSM and ESM service delivery with 100% SIAM capability at its core.

“4me is built for speed from the ground up. Unlike typical toolbox ITSM applications, 4me addresses fundamental user challenges faced by SIAM and complex service environments. Our approach to solution development and a focus on speed and ease of use enables organizations to concentrate on using the system to gain advantages and get a return on investment more quickly.”

Laurens Pit – CTO – 4me

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