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What is EaaS?

Revo Service Management has been delivering SaaS ITSM from market-leading vendors for many years. Over time, we have become aware of the additional complexity and financial burden that implementation and maintenance of such products is causing for users. The problem is that the headline figure for SaaS is, more often than not, just a headline figure. It does not include the cost of setup, support and maintenance. This is why Revo has developed EaaS or Everything as a Service.

With most SaaS solutions there is a big difference between setup and ongoing services and how you procure them. These services are also usually purchased in blocks, where you are constrained by time and resource availability. This is inefficient, expensive and a burden for the customer.

Everything as a service means everything is included. Setup, configuration and implementation, the user credit or license, support and ongoing upgrades are all covered by one simple monthly fee. For us, this is what true SaaS should be about: simplicity, reliability and financial certainty.

EaaS - Everything as a Service

How does EaaS work?

Much like a standard SaaS model, you pay a monthly credit fee per user. This credit provides each user with access to all the services outlined above. What is more, the credit is only used up when the user accesses the system in any given month. This means that if you have staff out on extended leave or a reduction in team numbers, the credit can either be allocated to another user or simply banked for later use.

Which products are available via EaaS?

Revo is currently offering 4me via EaaS. 4me is an enterprise-class ITSM application that offers a revolutionary, SIAM first approach to service management that matches the groundbreaking EaaS ownership model. If you are looking for a modern, super-fast SIAM or ITSM application, then we recommend you give 4me a look.

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